Brief Guide for the Different Styles of the Quad Bikes

Well, this is going to be your quad bikes’ ultimate style guide. If you are a big fan of Quad bikes and wanted to know all the different types of styles of this flawlessly super cool, and seamlessly chic and classic beauty, then you’ll find every single thing about all the various modes and styles of Quad bike available in the market right now here. But, before that, let’s learn a little bit about the Quad bike itself, especially for those who are unaware of all the fantastic characteristics of this fascinating vehicle.

What is a Quad Bike?

four quad bikes in dirt road

The quad bike is also known as ATV (All terrain vehicle), four wheelers or quadricycle. This vehicle is specifically designed to rode in the most difficult terrains. There are some different styles and types of quad bikes for sale at GMX Motorbikes and other retailers that used for different purposes, but these are most extensively used in the field of agriculture, as these can carry heavy weight with high speed and lots of ease. The ATVs are used in almost all parts of the world.

Youth Quad Bikes

The youth quad bikes are the smaller, less expensive and light weighted version of their adult forms of quad bikes. These are popular among the beginners and youth because of their ease of handling, cool styling, all available in comparatively cheap pricing. The youth quad bikes are not for the racing purpose, but specifically for trail riding and just to play in the rough terrains. Depending upon the model, made and style of the quad bike, there is a wide price range available.

Kids Quad Bikes

Green Quad bike Kids quad bikes or junior quad bike is a perfect option for the young kids to have a taste of thrill and fun packed with the four-wheeled biking. These junior sized bikes are excellent for bike fanatics with the guarantee of safety, durability and same excitement and thrill as one can enjoy with the adult quad bikes. The junior quad bikes are available in a wide pricing range. Depending upon your desired characteristics, the price starts from £690 to £1800. All in all, this is a smaller edition of quad bike loaded with all the cool and desirable characteristics of a bigger quad bike.

Entry Level/ Recreational Trail Quad Bikes

The entry-level quad bikes specifically cater people who have comparatively smaller physical frame than the average adult person, and for those who are not used to be going on the road more often while riding their own bike. So, it basically designed to have simple features and easy handling characteristics. Some designs of entry-level quad bikes have automatic transmissions. Else, these quad bikes require shifting without the operation of the clutch. Quality wise, these bikes certainly cannot beat the adult version of quad bikes, as riding these bikes through the rough rock fields, or muddy areas are quite impossible. That’s why these are called as recreational trail class quad bikes.

Farm Quad Bikes / Utility Quad Bikes

Man and kid driving Quad bike in farm road

As the name indicates, these quad bikes serve the function of heavy duty work including farming duties, hauling cargo, pushing the ploughing blades, pulling the trailer in the fields, and others. These farm/ utility quad bikes are particularly famous among the farmers or the owners of large farming lands.

Two-Up Quad Bikes

The basic concept of the two-up quad bike is that two people can ride on. These ATVs were designed and made available in the market in the early 2000’s. The basic differentiating characteristic of these quad bikes is the slightly longer wheelbase, and a slightly raised seat accompanied by the grab bars. This feature adds more stability and helps the second passenger to sit with comfort. This is surely a great style statement and a perfect bike for a perfect duo.

Sports Quad Bikes

The sports quad bikes are designed to ride on the most challenging, rough and rocky terrain, with fast speed and high-quality equipment. The superb and outclass quality, range of speed, and classic characteristics of these bikes are incredibly suitable for both the beginners and Pros. You just have to be a bike fanatic to ride these bikes in the rough, rocky or muddy terrains. Full range of technological features, including electronic start, shaft drive, and independent suspension, all make this sports quad bike the best in the market. These bikes are marvellous in jumping, moving around the rough corners, knocking on the stone surfaces, and everything difficult you can imagine on the roads. Along with all the above-stated features, these sports quad bikes relatively lightweight, look super stylish and are extremely easy to handle on both tracks and the trails.

Sport- Utility Quad Bikes

As you can well imagine with the name, the sport-utility quad bikes combine the functioning and features of both the utility and sport quad bikes. These quad bikes have racing capabilities with the high performance and quality, and on the other hand, sport utility bikes can easily function any heavy duty work like utility bikes. This dual functionality makes these bikes the most popular of all the various designs, styles and types of quad bikes. These are the best sellers in the market right now, and an extensive range of models are available in the market.

Electric Quad Bikes

The noiseless cousin of other quad bikes is this electric quad bike. These bikes are adorned with the same features and characteristics as other quad bikes, but are whisper quiet, and thus environment-friendly. While keeping the zero noise level, and zero emission in hand, these bikes can be used for various outdoor applications.
Another great quality of these electric bikes is the ease of maintenance. As it is electrically driven, so there is less equipment, meaning there will be less hustle and low maintenance charges in the long run. Best to carry weight, drive fast, and are lightweight. These quad bikes have particularly made the quad bikes back in the business. This style of quad bike is most popular these days.